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MDT and Camp Del CorazonOn the weekend of March 11-12, 2006, we had the great privilege of meeting the wonderful kids and staff of Camp Del Corazon (CDC) while they visited the Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort. We spent two days taking the kids and staff on exhilarating sled dog rides through the Eastern Sierra. The kids, all from California, Nevada, and Arizona, toughed out the cold temperatures... [Read More]

Mammoth Dog Teams Feeding TimeSled dogs require proper nutrition and hydration to perform at there best on the trail. Our dogs run over 2000 miles in a normal winter, and need the proper diet to replenish the amount of calories they burn pulling the sled. Mammoth Dogs Teams has two feeding schedules for the dogs; winter and summer. Throughout winter the dogs are eating up to 7000 calories a day, where as.... [Read More]

I've been a local in Mammoth Lakes since the fall of 2004. I absolutely cherish Mammoth Lakes and the Eastern Sierra, and all that this magical place has to offer. Among the many things I like about Mammoth, I appreciate the imagination of how life once was in our small town. Mammoth Dog Teams represents this image for me. Before the ski lifts, the cars, the planes, and the buses, there were the dogs... [Read More]

Siren's Head in Jim's HandIn the mountains of Mammoth Lakes, the California drought has taken a large toll on a local business that thrives on snow. The effects have left Jim Ouimet and his 35 dogs nearly out of work. Ouimet is the owner of Mammoth Dog Teams, a mushing company about five miles outside of town that offers sled-dog tours, providing... [Read More]


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