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Chad Brotherton


Chad Brotherton, MusherI feel like I should have a cough or fever. Can someone get me a thermometer? Or is it AA that I need? Do they have AA for my condition? Hello, My name is Chad Brotherton, and I am addicted to dogs, sleds, and the two gliding smoothly across a snowy trail. Believe me, it is as big a surprise to me as my family and friends. In another world and another lifetime ago, lets say little Chad at about ten in Shelton, CT, I was a terrified child in the tree. One hand was on the tree branch and one was gripping and swinging a waffle ball bat. From those eyes, the boxers trying to tear me from the tree were evil; they wanted to eat me. Sadly that was my understanding of dogs for a long time.

Between then and now, I received a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Ithaca College, became a dry stone mason/ trail construction worker for the Park Service in Utah and Inyo National Forest, California. I moved West with a craving for open space and a plan to write a book or two. I came to California to build trails in the Sierra and study the wilderness issues.

Then I met these dogs. What comes next? At this point I do not know if I could stop if I tried. These dogs have become my life.

Grandfather Elder

Dog teams
weave between trees
fill the gap of silence
The Old, time capsuled

Grandfather Elder

Wrinkled face
Each crevasse
filled with knowledge
Creating a basket
to hold water
in a dry land

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