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All of the dogs were very friendly. My favorites were Emma and DJ. K Fillion


We had a fun tour. We love the dogs especially Lizzie and the puppies. We hope to come for a sled ride. The Snyder Family


Thank you so much for the time and all the interesting info. You have quite an awesome business and love for your dogs. We really enjoyed our time. The Herrings


What a great tour and friendly dogs. We'll be back next year! G Tamanaha


My students have been looking forward to this since the Iditarod began. We are very supportive of what you do. We truly enjoyed the presentation. M Quirsfeld - Mammoth Elementary School


Thanks for everything! The dogs are awesome, it's amazing what they do. A Ferrar


A trip to Mammoth is never complete without a visit to "The Dogs". The kids enjoy the experience almost as much as the adults! G Piturey


So glad you are still in business. We love to visit you. J Custer


We had a great time playing with the dogs and taking photos on the sleds. What a wonderful place for the kids! Thanks for being so understanding with out little "pistol" Samuel. God bless your business. The Saruwatari's


What a terrific gift! Thanks so much for your knowledge and expertise. This has been the perfect culmination to our study of the Iditarod. Your presentation was organized and concise - you handled the children beautifully. K Kechin - Bishop Elementary School


This is a great place. The dogs are beautiful and what a wonderful way to use this building - keeping up a tradition that's very unique. Wish there was some snow so we could go for a ride! N Dan


Woo hoo! This was fun and the dogs are great, so are the people. I had a really great time and I hope to come back next time. N Whitsett


Thank you, thank you, thank you! We so enjoyed your tour and love all the dogs. Bless your work with them! A Lee


We so enjoyed visiting with your wonderful dogs! We can tell you really care about them. What a treat this was. M Galarsi


Amazing presentation. Your dogs are beautiful and very friendly. The students have never been so quiet and attentive during a talk. They really enjoyed it. Thanks. L Mairs - Big Pine Elementary


Thank you so much for sharing your dogs with us today - they are all beautiful and clearly loved. We look forward to coming back some day and seeing "Chugash" all grown up. H Ling


Great asset for our beautiful County! Keep it up! B Hunt (MC Supervisor)


Thanks for all your hard work! V Bauer (Mono Supervisor)


Bye Rain, Apollo, Cooper, and Whitefoot, in fact all the dogs! I really wanna come here again. I made alot of friends! Thanks. Your dogs are cool. Zack


You did a great presentation which was geared at the kids level. It was much appreciated as we don't always get presenters who can talk so well with the students. Fabulous job and your love of what you do really showed. Thanks again. S Scholl - Bridgeport Elementary


We had an incredible lesson today... from personal experience to the history of Mammoth Dog Sledding. Your knowledge and expertise are incredible! Thank you! The Valcarcel's


Thanks Jim!! The dogs are very therapeutic for our kids! You are the best! Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra


Thank you so much!!! I love all of them... so cute!! It was super and cool. I love Maverick, Keni, and Zorro. My favorite dog was Luna! The kids from Camp Del Corazon


Thank you so much I enjoyed every bit of the tour, and the dogs were so pleasant that i would love to come again. K Rutledge


This has been one of the best experiences I've had in my 10 year life (so far). We are coming back in 13 years and if we do nothing else then we will come back. I particularly like Rain, Thunder and Chewy, though everyone was great. Thank you for this day Jim, Jeff, and Chad because I'll never forget today and it will remain a chief moment of my life. I might one day come and try to work here as hard as you do. L Holman


I love the dogs a lot. I like Jasmine lot. They all look like the dogs from Snow Dogs. D Aranda


Thank you for taking the time to show us around. You added the icing to the cake on my first Mammoth trip. See you again soon! P Hanson


Your presentation was wonderful. the audience was captivated and the dogs were magnificent. We look forward to seeing you and the dogs soon. B Smith - Bishop Elementary School


Holy Cow! I love your place and your heart - you are one of a kind - this place is magical and so are you and your babes (the dogs, of course). Do keep on with your endeavors - you are a true doer. So glad our paths have crossed and can't wait til an overnight sled trip. Keep it up, Keep it Rockin! Keep the dogs a-runnin. Lisa


Best dogs! Best food! Best weather! Best fire! Best stories! Thanks Jim, Jeff, Emily, Chad, Mike, Scott and the whole canine crew. We had the time of our lives on our overnight sledding trip. The BEST time! K Snow and J Wilkinson


Thanks so much for the great "personal service" and tour of your facility. The dogs are so well trained. You both are so professional and kid-friendly. God bless you both! Thanks again. The Wiggins


What a great way to get kids excited about learning. Very informative and hands on! R Arcularius


Thanks for making me feel like family, and thanks for the free dog sled ride last year. My favorite dog now is still JB and my favorite puppy is Shamrock. P.S. This year I'm ten! Julie


Thank you for the awesome experience! Our sons were so excited to see the dogs... especially the puppies. It was great to see the excitement in their eyes. The Plank Family


Hey Jim, thanks for spending time with us. And thank you for letting us have fun with the dogs. They are all sweet and loving. I have a special connection with Price. That is one sweet dog. So nice and caring. Thanks again! Selina


Thanks for an incredible experience! Camping in the snow and driving the team was memorable. I will be planning my next trip to visit. you guys were awesome!! Michael M


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