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"We Want You To Have the Time of Your Life. It is Our Pleasure to Work with You... and Share Our Knowledge of Sledding, the Dogs, and the Eastern Sierra."

Mammoth Dog Teams has a fun and knowledgeable mushing staff to make your adventure fun and educational. The dog mushers at Mammoth Dog Teams take great care to provide you with a memorable dog sledding experience in the Eastern Sierra. They take pride in the service they provide, and have the utmost respect for themselves, the dogs, the clients they serve, and the trails they run!


Jim Ouimet

As a native of Mammoth Lakes, California, I have been raising, training, and running sled dogs for over 18 years. As a US Marine, outdoorsman, mountain climber and dog musher, I have developed a keen interest in outdoor survival techniques. My dog mushing experiences have led me to work with such greats as Iditarod champion Libby Riddles and mushing legend Joe Reddington, Sr... [Read More]

Chad Brotherton

I feel like I should have a cough or fever. Can someone get me a thermometer? Or is it AA that I need? Do they have AA for my condition? Hello, My name is Chad Brotherton, and I am addicted to dogs, sleds, and the two gliding smoothly across a snowy trail. Believe me, it is as big... [Read More]

Jeff Smith

Hello, I’m Jeffrey Smith, originally from Fairfield county Connecticut, land of long commutes and longer traffic. Now I live, and what some people call work, in the Eastern Sierra. The best move of my life, and it all started from a phone call... [Read More]

Scott Sample

Lets get to the meat of this bio. How did I begin dog mushing? I left college for Alaska in 2000 to work for the National Park Service. This venture took me above the arctic circle for two years in the Eskimo village of Kotzebue. Running around... [Read More]


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